Top 20 NuGet background Packages

Hate those pesky background tasks! Hate having 20 lines of code clutter up your main page? Well here’s the solution! With only one line of code you can start/stop the background task! Just type StartClient(Background Task Name) ; and BAM! You’re done! The background task has now been initialized :...
Revalee is a Windows Service used to schedule callbacks for web applications. It simplifies a web application's workflow when events are required *after* the normal handling of web requests. This library allows Revalee callback requests to be easily embedded in web application code. This NuGet pack...
Framework to ease developments of Windows Services based on ASK.ServEasy
An easy-to-use jobs runner. Create your Windows Service jobs runner in a few minutes.
[4.0] ImageResizer simplify resizing and converting images as byte[] or Stream to and from any format supportin jpeg compression Newly extension methods: + ToResizedImage + ToByteArray + GetMimeType + GetImageFormat + GetBorderAveragedColor
Extensible background task runner and job scheduler for C#. NOTE: In beta API's subject to breaking changes.
BackBurner - .NET Redis Queueing
Hundreds been wallpapers category. You can search and download sample :
PostgreSql storage implementation for Hangfire (background job system for ASP.NET applications).
The MVVM library observes properties, analyzes changes, and raises change notifications.
A fork of Hangfire's recurring background job processing (to add date ranges, and additional cron support
This makes your email functionality very easy and simple with background job to make sure email has been sent and maintain the logs.
Contains EFCore base classes for MR.AspNetCore.Jobs.
Long Running Process Execution in Dotnet. Runs long running processes in the background of your application allowing you to fire and forget any long running processes you may need to execute. Helper elements to get Service Resolution and Dependency Injection available.
Automated job scheduler with fluent interface.
A cache that supports scheduling the regeneration of cache items in the background ahead of their expiry and manages this across a farm of web/service nodes minimising duplicated cache value generation work.
Framework to ease developments of Background Processes
Azure Queue Storage support for SQL Server job storage implementation