Top 20 NuGet backend Packages

I-Synergy Backend Framework for Asp.Net Core
Vidyano is a full featured development platform with the flexibility for creating small to enterprise scale web applications.
The default editor backend layer for Duality. It uses OpenGL WinForms controls to integrate game views with editor UI.
The default audiovisual backend layer for Duality. It uses OpenGL and OpenAL, as provided by OpenTK.
The default system backend layer for Duality. It uses regular .Net Framework classes, as are available on desktop platforms.
This SDK allows integration with MeshyDB.
A C++ native library for connecting Windows 10 Universal Apps to the brainCloud back-end. Currently supports Visual Studio 2015.
Toolbox for the agile development of .Net Web Api projects.
Para API Client for .NET
Content management framework
Lets you specify one or more document types that will be excluded from Umbraco-generated URLs, thus making them "invisible". Those can be used as grouping nodes and they will not appear as part of the URL.
This package uses and augments Backend.Core.Initialization package for initializing HTTP server of Backend.HTTP.Server package.
Contains Kestrel-based HTTP server which uses modules implementing interfaces defined in Backend.Core package to generate response to clients.
This package contains Backend HTTP module to statically serve files from filesystem.
Generic login module for backend HTTP servers, configurable to use multiple login providers to authenticate user.
Contains class implementing StringTransformer interface from Backend.HTTP.Common package, which uses cryptographic digests (e.g. SHA512) to transform strings.
Library containing abstractions for backends communicating with frontends using HTTP protocol.
Library containing common abstractions for backend in system architectures which are based on backend-frontend architecture.
This tool helps you to get an easy overview over your cached items for websites and its children.
A library for database access. Requires .NET Framework 4.5.2.