Top 20 NuGet automatic Packages

Automatically creates a NuGet package from your project each time it builds. The NuGet package is placed in the project's output directory. If you want to use a .nuspec file, place it in the same directory as the project's project file (e.g. .csproj, .vbproj, .fsproj). This adds a PostBuildScripts...
Automatically injects classes in a given assembly into your IServiceCollection. Behaviour can be customized using configurations or attributes.
CropUp allows images to be auto cropped for any size based on a gravity point so that the image's main motive stays visible even if its not in the center.
Unify is an automatic configurator IoC container via annotations. It is based on the principle of separation of layers and can detect injections forbidden dependencies.
Web Component for EntityUi, Rapid Application Development tool for MVC to generate User Interface with CRUD functionality using Models only
AutomaticSharp Class Library
AutomaticSharp Auth Class Library
Atlas is a small library that provides viewmodel-first navigation, event-based automatic page-caching, navigation-stack saving, and some other useful services (multi-arg messaging service, page-dialog service).
AutoProc is a lightweight Asp.Net Core 2 middleware package which makes it easy to create a backend by exposing your stored procedures as an API.
Automatically validate ModelState for Controllers using Views
Automated registration and configuration of classes for dependency injection, CQRS. Implementations for Microsoft's dependency injection.
You can call "services.AddMenuBuilder();" and all Methods of any Controller in your project which are decorated with the "MenuBuilderAttribute" get collected to a MenuBuilder-object. You can inject this by injecting IMenuBuilder and build your own menu structure or you use the build-in adminLte-menu...
Azure Service Instance Provisioning (auto scaling). Leverage Windows Azure without getting dragged down by low level technicalities. Web Crop Image Control allows developers to build image cropping functionality easily on their projects. You can seamlessly crop images and yet provide your visitors the most user friendly web interface by simply doing drag and drop in your projects.
Automatically force your ClickOnce app to update itself without prompting the user, making a less obtrusive end-user experience, and guaranteeing they are always using the latest version of the application. Adds a post-build event to the project to run a PowerShell script that updates the ClickOnce ...
T4 Factories uses T4toolbox to automatically generate the source code for factory implementations and even contracts (if they don't exist already), based on a concrete class and a base interface. It allows easier use of the factory pattern for easier unit testing and refactoring.
Unify is an automatic configurator IoC container via annotations. It is based on the principle of separation of layers and can detect injections forbidden dependencies.
A light weight automatic application updater library for .net 2.0+. 一个适用于 .NET 2.0+ 的高度易用的自动更新客户端。 Please visit to get update package builder tool. 请访问 获得更新包打包工具。
Advanced diagramming framework for Blazor, WPF, WinForms, and Xamarin.Mac. Supports the following file formats: Visio Drawings and Stencils (VSDX, VSSX), AutoCAD Drawing Interchange (DXF), ESRI Shapefiles (SHP), SVG, EMF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, GED. For more information visit:
AutoApi is structured to help you create a simple REST Api in minutes! Step 1: Define your ApiEndpoint's in shared code. Step 2: Start your Api with those endpoints on the server. Step 3: Use the same endpoints to call the Api from the client! ... Step 4: Profit?