Top 20 NuGet audit Packages

.Net audit provider for managing and logging into windows event logs (security log, application log)
Entites Audit editor for XrmToolBox
Package Description
Package Description
Package Description
Business Logging uses the UDP 514 protocol to send specific business log messages to a Business Logging service
This package implements an audit trail provider making use of SqlServer with Dapper.
This package delivery an interface to be used in any application concern for audit purposes.
This package configures audit for applications, abstracting the mechanism used (SqlServer with Dapper, etc.).
IdentityServer4 event sink to add audit records into AdminUI auditing
Common App logger for File, SQL, DocumentDb, MongoDB
Tracking changes from an entity
Package Description
Loggers long description
The WSAuditProxy deployment package, built on 24/10/2018
Audit log abstraction library