Top 20 NuGet assert Packages

Library contains set of actions and assertions used to create UI tests using Selenium WebDriver.
Simple, fluent, lightweight assertion library to create assertion points in your code.
A BDD library for testing C# code.
Provides a re-factoring and re-imagining of the Code Fixes elements deployed in the default Analysis and Code Fixes project template. This particular assembly focuses on Code Fixes only as part of that re-factoring effort.
HttpClient extensions to test REST endpoints.
Package Description
Asserts for testing serialization using Newtonsoft.Json
Argument Assertions provides a fluent, simple and easy to use API for checking valid argument values with strong compile time type checks.
A simple package to speed up the assertion of parameters of methods mocked with Moq
Provides argument validation methods and Code Contracts helpers.
Testify is a unit test assertions, test data creation and contract verification framework. It's not dependent on any specific unit testing framework. Testify.Moq adds mocking support via Moq.
An analyzer to find missing tests for tests written with SmartTests.
SmartTests enables you to write Smarter unit tests, wether you use NUnit, Xunit or MSTests. It is best to install SmartTests.Analyzer and SmartTests.Extension so that missing tests will be displayed. They are Smart in the sense that: 1. The Act line of your test is instantly identifiable. ...
Should flavor for XAssert
Expect flavor for XAssert
Provides assertions for IEnumerable<T> that follow the same patterns as the assertion classes provided in MSTest.TestFramework
Fluent assertions wrapper for XUnit
Confidence is an easy to read and debug fluent argument/condition checker in C# with code contracts syntax supported.
NUnit extension for the objects verification.