Top 20 NuGet aspnetwebapi Packages

Enables ASP.NET Web API tracing using System.Diagnostics.
An implementation of HMAC for ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core
Provides a means of using model binding to get and validate HTTP headers in Web API 2
This is a legacy package for hosting ASP.NET Web API within your own process (outside of IIS). Please use the Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.OwinSelfHost package for new projects.
Adds support for OData query syntax over ADO.Net DataTables in WebApi projects. This is an initial implementation to allow for core functionality in cases where there is no fixed structure for the datatable at design time, meaning that use of the standard Microsoft.AspNet.OData nuget is precluded by...
An HttpClient service that makes it easy to make authenticated HTTP requests to protected by IdentityServer4 resources.
ASP.NET Web API Route Debugger
This package contains everything you need to create OData endpoints using ASP.NET Web API and to support OData query syntax for your web APIs.
Extends Swashbuckle 2.18.7 with added error handling
Seamlessly adds a Swagger to WebApi projects! Compiled for .NET 4.5 and up. This helps with mono compatability and does not require any assembly redirects.
Community Contributions for ASP.NET Web API
Community Contributions for ASP.NET Web API
Seamlessly adds a Swagger to WebApi projects!
Module for ASP.NET Web API that enables GZip and Deflate support for incoming and outgoing requests. Please note that this is not an official Microsoft package.
This package provides a uniform model for receiving WebHooks from an open-ended set of WebHook generators such as Dropbox, GitHub, Slack, and many more.
This package adds support for formatting and content negotiation to System.Net.Http. It includes support for JSON, XML, and form URL encoded data.
An extensible ApiSelector for ASP.NET Web API
TypeScript CodeDOM has TypeScriptCodeProvider implementing ICodeGenerator which has been used in POCO2TS.exe and Strongly Typed Client API for Web API.
A fork of Strathweb.CacheOutput.WebApi2, with support for redis.