Top 20 NuGet aspnetcore Packages

Basic Authencitation Scheme for ASP.NET Core 3.x
Simple solution to integrate file storage in ASP.NET Core projects
Google ReCAPTCHA v2/v3 Library for .NET Core 2.x/3.x/5.x
Applyze Authentication implementation for ASpNetCore.
This is a middleware for Asp.Net Core 3.1 that provides a static files provider capable of providing pre-compressed static files like gzip and brotli.
Http Middleware extension to create developer exception response inline with `UseDeveloperExceptionPage`.
Middleware extension that returns Exception as HTTP 500 error in the form of JSON response.
Default implementation for jwt authentication
A set of extensions to add flash message feature to ASP.NET Core projects.
Provides services for storing data in the browser's localStorage. The stored data is protected using AES encryption and decryption functions.
Xml Export for Core
Package Description
Provides additional configuration specific functionality related to Options.
Provides a strongly typed way of specifying and accessing settings using dependency injection.
This package adds Erogames as an OAuth provider for core web application
Better Hosted Services