Top 20 NuGet appsettings Packages

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Enables appsettings reload onchange also drop dependency on IOptions<T>
A .NET configuration library to simplify application configuration
Contains an implementation of sink for Microsoft ConfigBuilder for the Invisionware Settings Library
This package provides a base app settings capability deserialising environment variables into IConfiguration object.
The Config Helper Pro Library has the ability to manage all your .NET configuration needs. Read/write to the registry, application/web config, and INI files with a single line of code. Everything is 100% managed code.
Makes mapping key/value stores (appSettings, environment variables, NameValueCollections...) to POCs dead simple and highly extensible.
Provides a wrapper around ConfigurationManager.AppSettings to allow dependency injections
The dynamic configuration manager for .NET
Reads settings from the appSettings section of your configuration by convention.
Reading a setting from App.config or Web.config is a pretty common task. Here's a class that makes this loads easier: AppSettingsUtil Easily read application setting values in a variety of types, specifying default values if necessary.
Initialize CORS Policies via appsettings.json or your own configuration json file.
Simple and extensible way to make web.config/app.config/env vars/whatever easier to read and strongly typed!
Contains an implementation of sink for System ConfigurationManager for the Invisionware Settings Library
Contains an implementation of Sink Read/Write for AzureConfigurationManager for the Invisionware Settings Library
AppSettings.Unity is an extension to parse AppSettings in app.config( web.config) section into specified DOM.
An IConfigurationBuilder for HashiCorp vault
DevAttic ConfigCrypter is a library that enables the user to work with decrypted configuration files.