Top 20 NuGet annotations Packages

Sharepointations - A data annotation and setup framework for working with Sharepoint items (Content types, fields, list). Also contains method to populate your sharepoint lists with lots of random (reasonable) data for various testing purposes (scalability, ui, etc). The package also contains a p...
Provides smart default names for view model members in ASP.NET MVC projects.
C# Annotations for L projects
DataAnnotations to validate VAT codes, social security numbers or tin numbers.
MVC Annotation attributes for use with ReSharper, so you dont have to reference the ReSharper DLLs directly.
Annotate.js is a lightweight Javascript library that parses data annotations added to JSON objects. It is usable either standalone or within the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC framework.
Validation, Format attributes and Query protection logic (SafeQuery IQueryable, and CanSort attribute) used by the Mvc Controls Toolkit
Interceptor Annotations for DogStatsD
A portable library for the DataAnnotations namespace. Reduced surface area matches the Silverlight SDK version of DataAnnotations, with additions of some classes. With .NET 4.6
Attribute-based schema definitions for GraphQL in .NET
Provides attributes that are used to help ensure data integrity for objects used as data sources.
Signed Xamarin Android Support Library - Annotations for Intersoft Crosslight.
ReSharper Annotations help reduce false positive warnings, explicitly declare purity and nullability in your code, deal with implicit usages of members, support special semantics of APIs in ASP.NET and XAML frameworks and otherwise increase accuracy of ReSharper code inspections. All usages o...