Top 20 NuGet annotation Packages

Shrink annotation and email images to reduce database size
The leading framework for displaying, annotating and editing PDFs on iOS, Android, Windows, Electron and the Web.
Extended Validation extends MVC validation to support server side and client side validations of Greater Than, Less Than, Not Equal To, etc. for various data types including DateTime, string, int, long. Ex: In your model define - [Display(Name="Start Date")] public DateTime Startdate { get; set; ...
PSPDFKit .NET Library
Code inspection and many other ReSharper features largely rely on heuristic analysis of the source code to detect issues, suggest possible improvements, and help you in other ways.
A C# client library for the S4 REST API
Simit Model Data Annotations Library
A customized data annotations which are used for MVC | Web API models.
Package Description
QMUI.Arch.Annotation 绑定库
Provides assorted model annotations that FoxGuard uses in its internal-use line-of-business software.
Provides functionality for retrieving metadata of models, based on the attributes they are annotated with.
This library represents a collection of (hopefully) useful attributes.