Top 20 NuGet android Packages

Xamarin.Android bindings for Android Support Library - animated-vector-drawable
Xamarin.Android bindings for Android Support Library - support-vector-drawable
Xamarin.Android bindings for Android Support Library - support-compat
Xamarin.Android bindings for Android Support Library - support-media-compat
Xamarin.Android bindings for Android Support Library - runtime
SVG support for FFImageLoading library.
Render After Effects animations natively on Android, iOS, MacOS, TVOs and UWP
Additional MSBuild targets and properties for .NET projects. Especially enhances Xamarin targets. Enables better development practices with CI/CD pipelines
The MVVM Light Toolkit is a set of components helping people to get started in the Model-View-ViewModel pattern in Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone, Windows 10 UWP, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Forms. It is a light and pragmatic framework that allows you to pick which components you want to ...
Braintree Client Library
Settings Plugin for Xamarin and Windows provides a consistent, cross platform settings/preferences plugin. This makes it easier to create cross-platform .NET apps and have cross platform settings. Manage and use all settings from one PCL/NetStandard library and save natively on each pla...
Xamarin and Windows plugin to perform text to speech functionality. Adjustable pitch, speak rate, locale, and more.
Get network connectivity information such as network type, speeds, and if connection is available. Additional functionality includes the ability to ping a specific host and port number. Ensure you have proper permissions set by reading the README.
Custom control for your Xamarin.Forms project ot turn your images into elegant circle images. Customizable border thickness and color. Ensure you call ImageCircleRenderer.Init() on each platform! Built against:
Xamarin bindings for ExoPlayer
Take or pick photos and videos from a cross platform API.
Easily add icon fonts to your Xamarin.Forms applications!
CrossDownloadManager is a cross-platform library for downloading files in the background.
Cross platform Xamarin AppSettings reader
XFGloss adds new properties to the Xamarin.Forms standard UI components on the Android and iOS platforms.