Top 20 NuGet android-ui Packages

Xamarin.Android Binding for Chnouman's AwesomeDialog, a Beautiful Dialog Library for Android.
Xamarin.Android Binding for Lapism’s Search, a Material Design SearchView component.
Xamarin.Android binding for AviranAbady's CookieBar2, a lightweight library for showing a brief message at the top or bottom of the screen.
Celebrate more with this lightweight confetti particle system 🎊 Create realistic confetti by implementing this easy to use library.
πŸŽ‰ A light-weight Android library to make beautiful Navigation Bar easily with ton of 🎨 customization option
Xamarin.Android Bindings for Ismael Di Vita's Chip Navigation Bar. A navigation bar widget inspired on Google Bottom Navigation mixed with Chips component
Xamarin.Android Binding for SpikeySanju's MotionToast, a beautiful Motion Toast library for Android
Xamarin.Android Binding for AmrDeveloper's CodeView, a library to make it easy to create CodeEditor or IDE that support any languages and themes
Xamarin.Android binding for HamedTaherpour's floating-layout-android, a floating layout library for Android
An Interactive Feedback Dialog for Android inspired from Google Maps Review section
Xamarin.Android Binding for Joery Droppers' AnimatedBottomBar, a customizable and easy to use BottomBar navigation view with sleek animations.
Fully customizable calendar for Xamarin.Android with a wide variety of features and displaying modes.
This library is the implementation of TabLayout as seen on popular messaging app Snapchat It can be used to animate Three or Five tabs.
Android library to create simple alerts easily with some customization.
ViewPager with Indicator for Android
It is a library that allows to have a horizontal menu with scroll, based on the RecyclerView class
Simple, customisable TimePicker created in the old Android API 16 style. Restyled with Material 2.0 guidelines and powered by RecyclerView.
Xamarin.Android Bindings for Skydoves' Rainbow 🌈 . An easy way to apply gradations and tinting for Android
Xamarin.Android Binding for Akshay Sharma's BubbleTabBar. Android bottom navigation bar with customizable bubble like tabs
Xamarin.Android Bindings for Farzad Farazmand's EmptyStateLibrary. An Android Library for showing different states of a view