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Non-allocating ninary reader and writer
NOTE: This package has been deprecated. Please use Microsoft.Azure.Management.HDInsight and Microsoft.Azure.Management.HDInsight.Job packages instead. For more information, go to:
Makes Asp.Net CheckBox and CheckboxList look like buttons, also work for none Asp.Net checkboxes look like buttons similar to Bootstrap JavaScript and allows the button to show checkbox or radio button to the right now
The Lumia Imaging SDK makes some of the technologies that Microsoft uses in its own imaging applications available to developers. It is a productive library for manipulating image data captured and stored by mobile devices in an efficient way. The features include decoding and encoding JPEG images, ...
Simple and easy to use background task processing and message queue for .NET
Wrapper for FontAwesome and GlyphIcons
System.Reflection cross platform package (plugin) to replace code usage in various projects like Xamarin.Auth
HolisticWare.Core cross platform package (plugin) with extensions and utilities for System namespace in Portable Class Libraries
Interfaces and base implementation for the Specification pattern.
CommandAndQuery applies the CQS principle by using separate Query and Command objects to retrieve and modify data, respectively.
The framework BitArray is helpful but it has a serious flaw in the fact that it is not immutable. This is the primary motivation for working on this package in order to achieve just such an ImmutableBitArray. Reflexive operations can modify an instance but otherwise bitwise operations should yield a...
This module allows you to create a comfortable logging code, the last default log is always the root of the project, and the previous logs are moved to the folder in which you kept in folders numbered weeks. It is possible to simultaneously write to the log and output in the console.
RageSoft Business Layer Management tools for Entity Framework 6 integration
RageSoft Business Layer Management tools
FuryTechs Business Layer Management tools
FuryTechs Business Layer Management tools for Entity Framework 6 integration
Superb Easy Code Utility
To make getting data from the web.config's appSettings section easier
Package Description
Data Security Using Triple DES