Top 20 NuGet analysis Packages

Build tools for style and code analysis checking.
Enables C++ programs to link against ROOT libraries. The ROOT libraries are expected to have been installed in the standard c:\root location previously by you! Make sure you install VS2012 or VS2013 properly! See the main ROOT website for complete documentation:
Aims to provide an easy way to create a collection of filters inside .NET Core for a set of entities, and to provide context-sensitive information when data-constraints are being applied.
Principal Component Analysis
Indepdendent Component Analysis
Collaborative Filtering Recommender
A runtime in which developers can define, compile, and execute calculations against arbitrary data schemas
A local multi-dimensional analytic collection.
Fusion is a JavaScript, HTML, and CSS language framework.
Automatic analysis of comparable (ranged) values. Raises events on anomalies and is able to recalculate optimal new value. Standard deviation calculator is implemented. Functional example would be http timeout.
Contains analyser which helps to find issue: "Namespace must match file location"
Reusable data access components to read data from analysis services using DAX
Sentiment Analysis Vivekn
Glimpse support for ADOMD components
PCL Library Client for Microsft Linguistic Analysis Cognitive Service
Google finance importer module of Trady, a handy library for computing technical indicators, based on .NET Standard 2.0
HttpHandler for showing analysed IIS logs summary as a web page. Idea is this: you schedule Eila.Analyser to press your IIS logs, then add Eila.HttpHandler to your website and you have a page, where you can view charts and access data in csv format from IIS logs analysis.
Helpful utility to administrate counters when your application does not run with administrative priviledges.
* Perform basic and more complex calculations with Fractions. * Convert different units (length, speed, mass, area, volyme), and numeral systems. * Include Coordinates to perform simple and more advanced calculations such as Slope, MidPoint, Distance. * Perform calculations with geometrical shapes (...
Microsoft Research Common Compiler Infrastructure (CCI) is a set of libraries and an application programming interface (API) that supports some of the functionality that is common to compilers and related programming tools. CCI is used primarily by applications that create, modify or analyze .NET po...