Top 20 NuGet analysis Packages

Microsoft Research Common Compiler Infrastructure (CCI) is a set of libraries and an application programming interface (API) that supports some of the functionality that is common to compilers and related programming tools. CCI is used primarily by applications that create, modify or analyze .NET po...
Library to be used with your application in order to use PerformanceCounter
A simple and easy to use load testing framework for .NET
HODResponseParser library for Windows Universal helps you easily parse JSON responses returned from Haven OnDemand APIs.
HODClient is a lightweight C# based API, which helps you easily access over 60 APIs from HPE Haven OnDemand platform.
Analysis and issue detector for nuget packages and project references.
Contains a set of useful analyzers for C#. Requires at least VS2017. For a list of all the analyzers see
Fusion is a JavaScript, HTML, and CSS language framework.
Find roots of an arbitrary function using bisection, newton, and secant method.
An F# module for interpolation sets of data into functions that are fairly accurate over a certain range. Uses the Hermite interpolation method.
Part of the ROOT.NET library that allows you to access the C++ ROOT data anlaysis pacakge ( from .NET languages. Contains libCoreWrapper.dll WrapperPlumbingLibrary.dll, and is only built for this version of root!
Suppresses some common warnings found in HEP code, also turns off linking against the debug libraries.
Overrides for FxCop style rules.
Installs Common C# Live Analyzers
Set of abstraction classes for AdomdClient
Core package for Sentiment Analysis
Resource Static Analysis enables companies and Localization suppliers to quickly add scalable validation checks to help ensure quality doesn't suffer as software and content is localized and data is exchanged between internal workflows and even between companies.
Nequeo math analysis
Parse Constituency-based parse expressions.