Top 20 NuGet amqp Packages

Microsoft Azure ServiceBus attachment plugin
Microsoft Azure ServiceBus compression plugin
This package provides the WebSockets client transport of AMQP.Net Lite for netstandard.
ASP.NET Core (ASP.NET 5) framework support for RestBus
IPWorks IoT is a suite of components aimed at providing lightweight yet fully-featured implementations of protocols used by the Internet of Things Before using the product a valid license must be obtained from one of the URLs below. - 30-day Trial: - Full Ve...
IPWorks MQ provides complete yet lightweight implementations of popular message queuing protocols. Before using the product a valid license must be obtained from one of the URLs below. - 30-day Trial: - Full Version: Af...
Advanced .Net API for RabbitMQ, Microsoft JSON serialization support
Advanced .Net API for RabbitMQ, Microsoft logging support
An Implementation to use Serilog as a logging component for EasyNetQ
Code-first AsyncAPI documentation
Azure ServiceBus extension for CloudNative.CloudEvents
Use this for EventHub distributed partition processing. For more information please visit Please note that a newer package Azure.Messaging.EventHubs.Processor is available as of February 2020. While this package will continue to receive critical...
This is an implementation of the message store used for decoupled invocation of commands by Paramore.Brighter, using MySql
This is a lightweight AMQP 1.0 library for .Net Micro Framework (netmf). A more compact version for NETMF is available in the AmqpNetMicro package.
Provisioning Device Client AMQP Transport for Azure IoT Devices
An extension to EasyNetQ that allows you to utilize message headers, without resorting to AdvancedBus!
Burrow.NET is a simple library created based on some EasyNetQ ideas, it's a thin wrapper of RabbitMQ.Client for .NET. Basically, if you just need to put your message or subscribe messages from RabbitMQ server, you found the right place. With Burrow.NET, you can easily customize almost everything sta...
Burrow.Extras provide DependencyInjection TunnelFactory, JsonSerializer and RabbitSetup which help to create Exchanges and Queues programmatically. YOU DON'T NEED TO DOWNLOAD BURROW.RPC IF YOU DON'T USE RPC IN YOUR CODE.
RabbitMQ appender for log4net
Message Bus infrastructure based on RabbitMQ message broker