Top 20 NuGet algorithm Packages

Perform Luhn (Modulus 10) validation on a given number.
TypeScript implementation of an AVL tree, a self-balancing binary search tree, with enumerable/iterable collections like set and map.
A library that contains nice-to-have functionality that is missing in the .NET Framework.
Several classes to generate the value sequences by Weighted Random algorithm.
MathCore Library - Optimization
A simple neural network implementation in .NET and C#
This library is designed to give the possibility to interpret an algorithm in WinRT.
Edit Script Shortest Path Algorithm
Top-quality toolkit of algorithms and data structures for .NET developers.
Provide possibility to pause and resume an algorithm by subscribers
XXHash - Extremely fast hash algorithm,impl for csharp,can process 10.8 GB/s on modern cpu.
A .NET Library that does Linear Feedback Shift Registers.
C# Library to perfrom Variable Selection according to the Give-A-Gap algortithm.
Statistics Library for calculation in preInO
Data.HashFunction implementation of a wrapper for System.Security.Cryptography.HashAlgorithm.
Apply Different Ways of Topological Sort: - Sort The Objects Based on Their Dependencies. - Sort The Objects Based on Their Dependencies And Group Them By The Same Level of Dependencies.
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