Top 20 NuGet ajax Packages

The Razor Client Templates library allows you to reuse your Partial Razor Views as client side (JavaScript) templates.
The easiest AJAX library for ASP.NET. Use Render method on any ISelfRenderedControl-derived control and get ready-to-show HTML.
There is a situation where I display a screen dynamically load a partial view using ajax. And when the authentication expires, user initiates an ajax call, then the action is being called without authorization. It actually returns a login view inside the DOM object on the page rather than returns ...
A small library for mapping HTML5 data attributes to jQuery AJAX request objects.
http.js provides AJAX functionality for the browser.
This package includes the community version of WebSync Server plus the code from the WebClient example to get started. I use John Moss' WebSync Server Starter Kit and update to WebSync Server
Legacy version of AjaxControlToolkit which is not published on its official NuGet package page
Provides TypeScript declaration files for the Bing Maps v7.0 AJAX Control.
AJAX AutoComplete library based on Anthem
An Ajax framework for ASP.Net 4.0 web form applications.
Web.Maps.VE is the first ASP.NET Ajax Bing Maps Server Control. Allowing you to integrate Bing Maps mapping functionality into your ASP.NET Web Forms applications.
ContentEditableMvc lets you use the power of the HTML5 contenteditable attribute and Ajax to make content changes client side.
A utility library for helping create SEO-indexable content for AJAX-based web apps. Implementation based on Google's AJAX crawling specs.
Ajax methods helpers.
This library will automatically proxy CORS requests (Cross-origin resource sharing) if IE9 or below is used. The proxy is integrated in ASP.NET and works with all ASP.NET libraries like WebForms, Mvc and WebApi. jQuery is used at the client side.
Lightweight AJAX Framework.
Tiny javascript library written to send in-browser http requests either GET, POST or using any other HTTP supported method. It can help in scenarios like auto-login & others. What it actually does (by default) is opens up a new tab (in most cases) for the provided URL with the data parameters as if...
Pure Javascript framework - unobtrusive MVVM. Full-fledged framework including ajax, routing, validation, scripts/styles dynamic loading, module management. The outstanding points are unobstrusiveness, performance, lightweight, easy to learn, easy to extend controls.
A jquery plugin that helps in displaying data as a grid using ajax and gives the developer full control on all pieces of the table.
My package description.