Top 20 NuGet add Packages

Contains the set of extension methods for IEnumerable<T> and ICollection<T>
Allows injection of custom headers into a WCF client endpoint. See for usage.
This package is just for training. It will be removed later. It defines single class with 3 functions (add, multiply and divide).
Generic scaffolding for the repository pattern and unit of work for EFCore.
1.Pie,Column,Line,Bar charts for the excel data. 2.Rename Work Sheet. 3.Column Hide/Unhide activity 4.Row Hide/Unhide activity 5.Copy Data activity 6.Delete Data activity 7.Clipboard To Datatable activity 8.Merge Cells,UnMerge Cells. 9.Excel to Access export option 10. Comment Activities(Add,Get,Del...
simple calculations
Awsome application calulations utility
It contains