Top 20 NuGet add Packages

Provides the ability to List items in Concurrent manner.
Software component to integrate applications to ContpaqiNode with ADD services
Math Helper
A simple IAddOnlyCollection interface.
Johh is learning NuGet
A math library.
Awesome application Maths
Contains the set of extension methods for IEnumerable<T> and ICollection<T>
Allows injection of custom headers into a WCF client endpoint. See for usage.
This package is just for training. It will be removed later. It defines single class with 3 functions (add, multiply and divide).
Generic scaffolding for the repository pattern and unit of work for EFCore.
Provides the ability to more intuitively connect Parent-Child relationships via Callback methods.
Nuget package for calculator
Provides a set of features making it possible to emulate C++ Variants for dotnet.
simple calculations