Top 20 NuGet account Packages

Includes Ginger Account Report requests/response Models
Classes to validate the formal correctness of national account numbers and international credit card numbers. The conversion between national account numbers and IBAN is supported too.
Software component to integrate applications to ContpaqiNode
Software component to integrate applications to ContpaqiNode
A library which can be used to start an impersonation context under a user account different to the one assigned to the current thread. Based on code published by: * Jesse C. Slicer on (01 Apr 2010). * GameScripting on http://stackove...
Kinetix Account Module
A simple enumeration of the user account control flags for Windows user accounts
Package Description
Tesseract is a scaleable user tagging service offered online as a cloud-based SaaS. The Client assembly provides object-oriented proxy classes as wrappers around HttpClient that makes it easier for .NET developers to call Tesseract services.
Simple POCOs and interfaces used for account registration and logging onto an application.
Contém métodos para inserir linhas no Microsoft Azure StorageAccount Table Services para ser reutilizado por vários serviços que gravam logs do Portal do Cliente BHS Axter.