Top 20 NuGet access Packages

Data Access library to perform Db operation with efficiency and adds JSON support.
Library containing simple interfaces for data access based on DoubleA.EntityModel
Library containing simple interfaces and abstract implementations for data access using EntityFrameworkCore, based on DoubleA.DataAccess.Contract and DoubleA.EntityModel
Core library for NetOffice, the .NET Wrapper Assemblies for accessing MS Office applications: Office, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Visio. This NuGet package targets the .NET Framework 4.0
Embedded and easy to use WS-Federation STS for ASP.NET with minimal configuration. Can be used as a replacement for the deprecated "Identity and Access Control" Visual Studio extension.
Provides a vastly accelerate runtime property implementation that can be applied even to closed-source classes
NeoDEEX supports various features in easy and fast developing applications. The features include easy configuration, flexible/powerful logging, fast data accessing, and declarative transaction.
Provides opt-in support for concurrency controls on Rebus message handling. This includes single access sagas (ie. only ony handler for a given saga running at a time) as well as more general handler throttling (ie. Throttling message through put based on types or properties)
A command-line tool that enables Salesforce Access and Refresh Tokens Generation.
RoundhousE is a Professional Database Change and Versioning Management tool. This is the MS Access database package.
A tool for PostgreSQL database-first development
This package contains the below activities for Access 1.Execute Macro - It is used to execute the Access Macro
Spiffy - Simple data access for .NET.
OWIN middleware for requiring SSL connections and client certificates.
Provides adaptations to use SqlFun with ODP.NET.
NetStandard2.0 and NetCoreApp2.2 Utilities for Crud API System - DAL Abstraction: should be referenced by project containing Entrity Framework Core DbContext
A library that make use of Linq2DB to provide centralized services for accessing database, supports MS SQL Server by default
A library that provides abstraction layers for accessing database utilizing DotNetBrightener Data Access Framework.
Provides local database access components and offline changes functionality to your Crosslight apps.