Top 20 NuGet access Packages

Extensions on the OleDb .NetFramework
Async data access implemantacion for MongoDB based on repository pattern.
Data Access library for NET standard
Wazi merchant generic data models for the DAL
The core data access layer which is used across the wazimerchant eco-system
Provides a set of classes to provide database access without using ORM. Ideal for the scenarios where you do not have a way to relate the database tables to objects. Accepts Dialects to parse the sql statements accordingly to the database in use. Custom Dialects can be created.
Data Access Library for fast Mapping and Access
NetStandard2.0 Unit Of Work
Access OLEDB Library.
This package contains the Monza Cloud data abstraction layer code for our API. This uses Linq to SQL to access configuratation data.
Data Access Library that simplifies data access to a Microsoft SQL server. Wraps SqlConnection the SqlCommand into a series of objects and methods that provide more straightforward usage. GetObjects<T>()/GetObject<T>() provides functionality to fill an object via reflection in a lightweight manner...