Top 20 NuGet youtube Packages

Lightweight .NET library to pull data from YouTube. It deals only with list request and only those that don't need authentication. Supports lazy loading paginated results.
Search Results via SERP API. Hash, JSON, and HTML format supported for Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Ebay, Google Product, Youtube, Wallmart and more...
Provides a way of getting a direct link for a YouTube video. The direct link is from an Mp4 element. You can also decipher YouTube signatures by providing the ciphered signature and the html5 player link / full code (as a string).
Get RSS/Atom/MediaRSS/Youtube Feed contents from a URL
Provides information to Youtube playlists and it's videos through the YouTubeDataAPIv3
Download and/or convert youtube videos with style
YoutubeSearch is a library for .NET, written in C#, to show search query results from YouTube.
Gets the correct video id from many types of input (video id, video url, embed url, other urls) and creates a correct url or embed url or video thumbnails. Used to clean out inputs from users of CMS that may paste wrong type of urls.
This NuGet package from Daffitt Technologies is a utilities package that provides the ability to develop applications based on the YouTube API as well as manage your Google API keys.
Makes it really easy to cast YouTube videos to your Chromecast device.
Content management library Youtube content import
Easy to access the Vimeo and YouTube APIs. Authenticate, upload videos, and call other API endpoints easily with RedCorners.Video
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