Top 20 NuGet xact Packages

An XActLib assembly: an Assembly that provides a Service to map Domain Entities to Client Layer Models, and/or Data Storage Entities.
An XActLib assembly:assembly containing a generic implementation of RulesEngine services and common interfaces.
An XActLib assembly: a library to manage SharePoint remotely.
An XActLib assembly: a Library for working with Tiff Images (ie processing incoming Faxes).
An XActLib assembly:an implementation of HostSettings that retrieves cached settings from a database, falling back to AppSettings if required.
An XActLib assembly:a service to provide help to application users.
An XActLib assembly:providing persistence (using EF) to XAct.Data.DataSources services.
An XActLib asembly: a wrapper around ArangoDB Client
An XActLib assembly: provides a common means of evaluating CSharp using the Rosyln engine.
An XActLib assembly: wrapper around ClearScript Javascript engine.
An XActLib assembly: for the persistence of Tasks
An XActLib assembly: services to manage an ArangoDB client.
An XActLib assembly: a library for persisting and finding documents stored in Lucene.NET
An XActLib assembly: a library of services to leverage PlantUML.
An XActLib assembly: a library to develop Uml diagrams describing functionality of an application.
An XActLib assembly: a library containing services for controling K2 from an MVC or other app.
An XActLib assembly: an implementation of the Markdown service contracts defined in XAct.IO.Transformations.Markdown, using the MarkdownDeep library.
An XActLib Assembly: OBSOLETE: Prefer using XAct.Languages.CS.Roslyn
An XActib Assembly: entities used by XAct.Graphs
An XActLib Assembly: a base library for accessing Graphs via Repositories.