Top 20 NuGet xaf Packages

JobSheduler Jobs Module / eXpandFramework
An implementation of IFileData to store the attachments in DropBox
BitFrameWorks v16.1
BitFrameWorks v16.2
BYteWare XAF Module
Immediate Date Action Execute Controller
Immediate Date Action Execute Controller
The `HIdeToolBar` package can be used to hide the Nested ListView toolbar. The module extends the model with the `IModelListView.HideToolBar` attribute. The implemented scenarios are described in the details section.
The `ProgressBarViewItem` package contains a ViewItem that can help you display a progress for your long running tasks. Examples in the details section of this page.
The `ModelMapper` module **can map any type** to the XAF application model and in runtime bind it to the respective object instance. The module **ships with 82 predefined maps** for all the common types such as GirdView, ASPxGridView, TreeList, Scheduler, Chart, Dashboards etc. More info in the Det...