Top 20 NuGet window Packages

Syncfusion chromeless window for WPF is a .NET UI library for creating customizable windows for WPF applications. Key features: • Window title bar can be customized by changing the background and foreground colors. • Resize border size and color can be customized. Support: Incident: https://w...
Set of fully customizable standard controls, plus new special controls and extra functionality. Controls included: + EButton + ECheckBox + EComboBox + EComboBoxItem + EPasswordBox + ERadioButton + ERepeatButton + ETextBox + EToggleButton + EWindow + GlassScrollBar + GlassScr...
Blazor component that renders Modal dialog window with customizable content and parameterized Overlay, etc. Part of Majorsoft Blazor library.
A rate limit library for ASP.NET.
Material Design Extensions is based on Material Design in XAML Toolkit to provide additional controls and features for WPF apps. The controls might not be specified in the Material Design specification or would crash the scope of Material Design in XAML Toolkit. Important notice: The configuration ...
A rate limit library, support .NET Framework and .NET Core.
SlidingWindow provides an interface to retrieve chunks from a byte array using a sliding window.
Framework simplifying the concept of opening dialogs from a view model when using MVVM in WPF or UWP.
A rate limit library for ASP.NET Core.
Extension methods for WPF Windows, exposing API to external user32 methods.
Windows Template Library (WTL) is a C++ library for developing Windows applications and UI components. It extends ATL (Active Template Library) and provides a set of classes for controls, dialogs, frame windows, GDI objects, and more.
Provides functionality to interact with the window object.
Extension methods for object-object or dictionary-object or datatable-object mapping, single item mapping use [ item.Apply(()=>new { .. }); ],multiple array items mapping use [ items.Apply(a=>new { .. }); ]. Extension methods for SQL Window Function in Linq, use [ items.GroupBy(a =>...).AsPartition(...
jQuery lightbox and modal window plugin
A managed game window using DirectX.
DMSkin for WPF,无边框窗体解决方案,基于WPF的UI框架 支持:.NET Framework 3.5 - 4.7 支持:Windows XP - Windows 10
Project YAGL. Basic cross-platform window for drawing graphics.
DMSkin.Core WPF MVVM 框架 支持.NET Framework 4.5 +
A managed window.
An easy to use Direct2D1 drawing library with the ability to create transparent click-through windows.