Top 20 NuGet website Packages

Lightweight web server written in pure C# with few dependencies to 3rd-party libraries.
This package adds an ASP.NET precompile step to the build just before (and only if) OctoPack is called. Next time when TeamCity or another build tool invokes OctoPack, precompilation will kick in and your deploy package will contain a precompiled website.
Public API of the GenHTTP webserver. This package is at least required to build a project that can be executed with the GenHTTP webserver.
Provides website management capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
Allows to design and serve web applications to clients.
Arcana theme to be used with the website module of the GenHTTP webserver
AdminLTE theme to be used with the website module of the GenHTTP webserver
This is an AWS CDK Construct to make deploying a single page website (Angular/React/Vue) to AWS S3 behind SSL/Cloudfront as easy as 5 lines of code.
A static website generator
Lightning quick .NET Core Digital Experience Platform - Enterprise functionalities, quick, simple and hassle-free.
Website Template
This package contains .NET helper classes to make the creation of Selenium tests easier. It contains a Connector class that supports various initializations of the Driver. It also contains a utility class to assist in working with elements.
Lunet is a static website generator.
Monitor and chat with the visitors on your website,respond to support tickets and create a help center toempower customers to help themselves – all 100 % Free
RequestReduce.SqlServer is an add-on to RequestReduce allowing you to store your optimized CSS, JavaScript and sprited images in a SqlServer or SqlServer CE database.
Living technical documentation authoring for .Net and Javascript projects
Arcana theme to be used with the website module of the GenHTTP webserver
Lightweight Live Chat / Live Support app for supporting website visitors using SignalR and no database. Single folder install.
Custom control for your Xamarin.Forms project to create a label as hyperlink. With this plugin you can show a label as a hyperlink for your websites, phone numbers and mails. Available for Android and iOs Built against:
RequestReduce allows any IIS based website to automaticaly sprite background images into a single optimized PNG as well as combine and minify CSS and Javascript with absolutely no coding beyond a few config tweaks. RequestReduce excercises common best practices when serving its javascript, css and s...