Top 20 NuGet webforms Packages

This is a set of Web Controls to enable easy integration with Bootstrap
Sample Package by NuGet
Adds popup validation and field highlighting to Web Forms and Dynamic Data
A framework for creating a strongly typed model of the Sitecore API. Sitecore WebForms projects.
Package description
An easy way to create ASP.NET Web Forms Application using Bootstrap 3.0 framework.
Base front-end template for SBS intranet applications
Automatically generates client-side validation based on Data Annotations
Let face it - memory caching in .Net 3.5 is a pain. It tends to involve rolling your own solution or downloading something enormous (like MS enterprise libraries). This little package is designed to sit between the 2. If you need to know how it does what it does, the code is on github! Huzzah!
T4WebFormsInjection is a T4 template that generates parameterless constructors to be used with constructor injection.
A simple xml helper to convert from xml to dynamic expandoObject
A Dependency Injection shim for ASP.NET WebForms "classic" implemeted as a HTTP Module
A library that provides a control for the Google NoCAPTCHA / ReCAPTCHA v2 service
An easy way to integrate MVC4 in your existing ASP.NET WebForms Application.
Lokesh Sample Package...
ASP.Net localized routing for WebForms routes
SharpJS is an open-source framework that compiles C# code into HTML and JavaScript to run anywhere. ExaPhaser.WebForms, the UI framework of SharpJS comes with support for multiple well-known CSS frameworks to give your applications an elegant style out-of the box. It also has managed wrapper classes...
A simple and efficient tool for access to [web.config] and [app.config] file.
A totally unsupported way to quickly add ASP.NET MVC 3 support to your WebForms Application. Works on my machine.