Top 20 NuGet vulkan Packages

Open source .NET binding for the Vulkan API
Veldrid integration for the SPIRV-Cross native library. Contains functionality to cross-compile SPIR-V bytecode into HLSL, GLSL, ESSL, and MSL shaders for use with Veldrid.
A low-level, hardware-accelerated graphics and compute library for .NET, with backends for Direct3D 11, Vulkan, and OpenGL. Veldrid can be used to create high-performance 2D and 3D games, simulations, tools, and other graphical applications.
C# Bindings for the Vulkan API
Linq to SPIR-V shader generation
Low-level bindings for the Vulkan graphics and compute API.
ImGui integration for Veldrid. Provides a simple interface for rendering and interacting with ImGui.NET.
ImageSharp integration for Veldrid. Provides functionality for loading GPU Textures with ImageSharp.
Vulkan-focused C# 7 (.NET Standard 2.0) object-oriented window/input system based on GLFW3
.NET Standard 2.0 Bindings based on
.NET Standard 2.0 Bindings for Vulkan
C# attributes and primitives for generating shader code via ShaderGen.
GLFW3 Bindings for C# with Vulkan support via SharpVk
Build-time plugin which generates shader code during a post-build event.
GlmSharp type mappings for SharpVk Shanq
System.Numerics type mappings for SharpVk Shanq.
OpenGL polyfill implementation of Vulkan 1.0 library using OpenGL and OpenTK
C# graphics frontend interface (to Vulkan or any graphics library)
A C# Vulkan implementation, based on the generated work from Mono.