Top 20 NuGet video Packages

Flavor is a library for parsing and manipulating FLV files from .NET.
PCL Library Client for all Microsft Cognitive Services
PCL Library Client for Microsft Video Cognitive Service
Nequeo capture component
.NET Core Library to decode MJPEG Streams.
Tomato Media Toolkit Library.
RtmpClient for UWP can communicate with rtmp server.
Asynchronous .NET library for downloading Vimeo video's
Simple Youtube library for easy access to clear stripped down YouTube playlist and video data using version 3 of the YouTube API
.NET API for the Animmex streaming website.
FireEncoder makes audio and video encoding more easy using the power of FFMPEG. This package contains common audio and video encoding tasks. Read more on GitHub repo.
MediaElement clone powered by VLC
A stripped down version of Tyrrrz's YouTubeExplode library to be used in SoundByte.
aspnet core video stream library
A cross-platform portable class library and abstract implementation for a Video player that derives from XPlatformMediaPlayer.
A cross-platform portable class library and abstract implementation for a Xamarin media player intended to serve as the base class for XPlatformVideoPlayer and XPlatformAudioPlayer
Tomato Media Effect Library for media processing.
Cisco Spark SDK on Windows, WME version 8.0.2
Lightweight .NET library to pull data from YouTube. It deals only with list request and only those that don't need authentication. Supports lazy loading paginated results.
WPF user control to easily play video. Powered by mpv.