Top 20 NuGet validate Packages

Service Objects Name Validation 2 Libraries utilizing best practices with fail over configuration. This package can be used to call the Service Objects web Service Name Validation 2. This service can be used to validate contact names. The service will return various scores and pieces of informatio...
Service Objects NCOA Live Libraries utilizing best practices with fail over configuration. This package will call the DOTS NCOA Live web service. This service will take an array addresses and name information and determine whether or not they are associated with any official change of address notifi...
Re-Package of Angular UI Modules
تېلېفۇن نۇمۇرىنىڭ ئۆلچەملىك ياكى ئەمەسلىكىنى تەستىقلاش ئىقتىدارى بار. ھەرپ-بەلگە تىزمىسى تېلېفۇن نۇمۇرىمۇ ياكى ئەمەس دىگەننى قايتۇرىدۇ. 验证字符串是否是电话号码。String 扩展。 Validate the string is a Chinese phone number. String Extension. Email :
CodeLib is a useful, clean and fast functions library project for ASP.NET. You can find the project docs here:
Library of common resources to be used in projects and services.
Utility for encrypting and validating encrypted data. Also includes methods to encrypt and decrypt using Rijndael and methods to generate SecureString objects.
Entity Validation is a open source project to validate your entities using the existing ones or creating your own!
Create and validate properties rules for all your app. Improve the quality of your data using validation rules. Validation rules verify that the data the user enters into record meets the standards you specify before the user can save the record. A validation rule can contain a formula or expressio...
Validate Iranian Identification number. Supported platforms: - .NET Framework 2.0+ - .NET Standard 1.4+ - .NET Core Requires NuGet 2.12 or higher.
Simple and flexible fluent validation framework for .NET for ASP.NET MVC applications
Value object classes and validation for different kinds of global identifiers.
Value objects of different kinds of identifiers in Finland.
Argument Assertions provides a fluent, simple and easy to use API for checking valid argument values with strong compile time type checks.
Warden watcher for SSL certificates
Provides argument validation methods and Code Contracts helpers.
It help us to validate any entity without instance any validator
A simple package that adds the ValidateModelAttribute for ASP.NET Core MVC usage.
.Net Dev Utils