Top 20 NuGet vl Packages

OpenCV for VL
Audio engine for VL based on NAudio
UI widget library for VL
VL wrapper for the FMOD Studio API allowing you to emit FMOD events and control their parameters.
GPL licensed extensions for VL.Audio
Microsoft Media Foundation for VL
NewTek NDI Plugins for VVVV Gamma
Set of VL nodes for remote controlling DSLR cameras
Intel RealSense for vvvv
Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) for VL
Provides support for the TUIO protocol in VL. Try it with vvvv:
Azure Kinect BodyTracking for vvvv
A set of nodes to easily interact with The Wekinator in VL
Hap GPU video playback implementation for VL/Stride
ColorThief implementation for vvvv gamma
ColorBlender implementation for vvvv gamma
UltraLeap Motion controller for vvvv
Use RunwayML hosted models as nodes in VL.
Shared Memory Pipeline for vvvv(gamma) VL
Provides assimp model loading in VL