Top 20 NuGet utilities Packages

Kode-Aid base32 encoding library.
Provides extensions for depenedency injection to enable convention-based injection for .Net Core and Standard projects
Common functionalities and utilities for any ASPNETCore MVC project
Indice.EntityFrameworkCore Class Library
Classes to extensions helper.
Classes to help Compress.
A collection of commonly used utility and helper classes
Utilities for building data models, data contracts and for common extensions and cryptography
Craig's Utility Library is one of the largest collections of utility classes and extension methods for .Net. It includes code to help with tasks including encryption, compression, serialization, file management, email, image manipulation, SQL, various file formats (CSV, iCal, etc.), randomization, v...
A .NET Utility Class Library
Streaming utilities for Microsoft Orleans.
GELF log4net Appender - graylog2. Built for log4net 1.2.11
A pure managed shell script interpreter for .NET applications
biz.dfch.CS.System.Utilities ======================== Collection of utility classes that provide functionalities like * StringValueAttribute for Enums * Cryptography helper for password encryption and decryption * Start-Process assembly for invocation of processes via Interop/CreateProcessWithLogo...
Tools for hashing, encoding/decoding and encrypting/decrypting data.
Allows easy access to instance based performance counters and timers.
Standard Web Applications .NET Utilities for serialization
Common utilities and helpers useful when programming,
Helper method for your daily tasks.
A collection of .Net utilities for Azure