Top 20 NuGet unity Packages

Integration between AutoMapper and Unity DI
The API allows to subscribe to real-time data pushed by a Lightstreamer server and to send any message to the server. The library offers automatic recovery from connection failures, automatic selection of the best available transport, and full decoupling of subscription and connection operations. ...
Automocking container using Microsoft Unity and Moq.
Dependency Injection in ASP.NET WebForms using Unity.
It is very light weight Dependency Resolver based on patterns & practices - Unity. It can resolve both MVC Controller and WebApi Controller.
The package defines a custom Unity's InjectionMember - InjectionConstructorLookup. It resolves a provided type between several inheritors of some basis type, depending on their constructor parameter signatures.
Contains Snowball language stemmers for C#/.NET. This package is part of the Accord.NET Framework.
AutoMoq built for Unity5
A set of convention based systems to speed up the setup of projects using EcsRx
Unity client implementation for socketcluster framework in node.js
An open source set of base components to build RPG games
Fork of the ClojureCLR compiler and runtime used in the Arcadia project
Tools for C# and Unity developpers
Tools for C# and Unity developpers, join or read the github wiki for more details