Top 20 NuGet unicode Packages

Cross-platform HarfBuzz bindings for C#.
UDE.CSharp.UWP is a compiled C# port of Mozilla Universal Charset Detector for windows 10 UWP.
Provides locale content for internationalisation (i18n) software using the Unicode Common Local Data Repository (CLDR). This is DEPRECATED! It is now part of the Sepia project. Please use
Amount To Words Library for English and Nepali Number System with output in English, Nepali Unicode as well as Devnagari Format.
Make any unicode string conform to [a..zA..Z], keep whitespace and symbols/numbers
.Net Dev Utils
This package includes static libraries for libiconv v1.13.1 compiled for Android
A permissive slug generator that works with unicode.
This is a simple .net class library that provides logic for converting to/from Wylie transliteration and Unicode Tibetan. Actually displaying the tibetan will require downloading a unicode Tibetan font.
Contiene xaml extensions para renderizar iconos vectoriales de font awesome a partir del text unicode del caracter. Tomado desde:
Text files Unicode Charset Detector With and Without BOM.
Tool to strip rogue UTF8 BOM from text files.
Redistributable components for package 'icu4c.v140'. This package should only be installed as a dependency. (This is not the package you are looking for).
Emoji v13.0 implementation for .NET
Unicode utilities library for e.g. iterating grapheme clusters
Text tokenization based on Unicode grapheme clustering, and the XID_Start and XID_Continue binary properties.
C# interoperability library for
C# interoperability library for
A Unicode and emoji text-processing library for .NET, supporting UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32 on .NET Standard
Various methods to detect with which Unicode Script(s) a given text is written. Allows to export the contained Unicode data structures to your application as .net classes. Based on Unicode v.12.0.0 data files. Implemented as standard library 2.0.