Top 20 NuGet usb Packages

A cross platform C# library for the Ledger hardwarewallet. To see the samples, please clone the repo at the project Url.
Hid.Net Cross platform Hid (USB) library. Enumerate Hid (USB) devices and read and write to/from them. Supports .NET, Android, and UWP out of the box. Other platforms can be added
HIDSharp is a cross-platform .NET wrapper for Windows, MacOS, and Linux (hidraw) USB HID APIs. It can interface with arbitrary USB HID devices as well as read and write raw reports. It also includes cross-platform serial port communications and supports interprocess communication for exclusi...
Remote I/O Library for .Net Framework
A cross platform library for communicating with the KeepKey hardwarewallet Supports Android, UWP, .NET Core and .NET Framework with Hid.Net. Support for other platforms can be added with Hid.Net dependency injection
Remote I/O Library for .Net Standard
A cross platform USB library written in C#
Cross platform C# library for talking to connected devices in a uniform way through dependency injection.
Linux Simple I/O Library for .Net Framework
Linux Simple I/O Library for .Net Standard
JSPrintManager is a Javascript + Client App solution for Client-side Printing scenarios designed to be used in any Website developed on top of any Web Platform like ASP.NET, PHP, Django, Ruby On Rails (RoR), Express.js and more! By writing pure Javascript code, JSPrintManager allows you to easily se...
A Reliance Thermal printer API that support firmware updates and configuration. This requires the Reliance printer to be connected via USB.
WebClientPrint for ASP.NET is a plugin-free solution for Client-side Raw Printing scenarios for Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi & Mac clients, exclusively designed for ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC. With WebClientPrint, you can easily send raw data, text and native commands to printers installed at the...
Device.Net based library for USB access on Linux, MacOS and Windows. Use Usb.Net, and Hid.Net for Windows, UWP, and Android support. The base interfaces are the same so the code is compatible on all platforms.
A .net library for the enumeration of usb devices, hubs and controllers
Observable USB connection. Written to help with connecting to HID devices and remapping controller buttons.
C# HID library designed to handle raw input. Most useful to support IR remote control and gamepad inputs.
This library enables you to enumerate and communicate with Hid compatible USB devices in .NET.
BlinkStick Generic Hid Library with KeesTalksTech modifications
Provides Treehopper connectivity for Windows 10 UWP apps.