Top 20 NuGet type Packages

Doc Type Grid Editor is an advanced grid editor for Umbraco 7
Library that provides basic abstraction for Internet Content Type, and basic encodings and decodings. This includes handling and parsing of common data types.
Contains many exception classes for common basic errors. Clear messages, concise syntax, strongly-typed, good performance. Generates messages like "myParent.MyChildren[0].MyProperty is null.", "height of 2 is less than 10.", "Customer with key { customerNumber = 1234, customerType = Subscriber } not...
A headless browser supporting web navigation, html parsing, css style parsing, and javascript parsing/execution.
FsLab is a combination package that supports doing data science with F#. FsLab includes literate scripting converted to HTML and PDF, and by default references Deedle (a data frame library), FSharp.Data (for data access) and XPlot (for visualization). You can optionally add any other nuget packages.
A small library for detecting the type of a file based on header signature (also known as magic number) rather than file extension.
Unit test data population tool.
Creates discriminated unions in C#. Define a template for a discriminated union and the appropriate code will be generated.
This package contains a library for turning FsLab experiments written as script files into HTML and LaTeX reports.
Provides a generic, type-safe implementation of an OrderedDictionary.
F# style discriminated unions or C#, using a custom type OneOf<T0, ... Tn> which holds a single value and has a .Match(...) method on it for exhaustive matching. Simple but powerful.
Converts a data type to another data type, including collections and their items. With special support for DateTime conversions.
Extra type constraints for Enum and Delegate.
Contains the attributes for the nuget package CSharpDiscriminatedUnion
Constants for (almost) all MIME types and method to determine MIME type from a file name. Contains just over 1000 mime types. Generated from the Apache server mime.types file and the H5PB nginx mime.types file. Works similar to .NET's System.Web.MimeMapping.GetMimeMapping. See: http://svn.apache.o...
Helps with encoding and decoding of XML. It integrates with the architecture defined in Waher.Content.
An extension for EntityFrameworkCore that provides Auditing, Concurrency Checks, JSON Complex Types and writing history to Transaction Log.
A library of helper methods for your .Net project to get mime types and general file category based on the file extension
Microsoft .NET wrapper classes for Text Control ReportingCloud. A Web (REST) API platform to generate MS Word compatible reports in the cloud.
Contracts ensuring, Messanging, LINQ expression parser and extension methods, Task Parallel Library helpers, Type auto-mapping for storage and benchmark.