Top 20 NuGet twitch Packages

A simple Twitch OAuth2 client/provider for ASP.NET websites
A simple wrapper around v3 of the Twitch API. Work in progress, not to be used for anything meaningful.
Twitch C# Wrapper for the Twitch v3 REST API. The contents of this package do not belong to me. I simply created the nuget package from
StrawPoll C# library for creating and accessing strawpolls. Creating strawpolls returns various information including the live URL, and accessing strawpolls includes the live results! .NET Core 2.0 supported.
MuxyLib is a library used to interface with the popular Twitch Muxy donation and analytics service.
C# Wrapper for the Twitch Helix API
Twitch Chat Library
An IRC library for .NET with Twitch IRC support.