Top 20 NuGet tridion Packages

SDL Tridion Content Interaction Library
SDL Tridion Sites Content Interaction Library. Client API for the Content Interaction Services.
SDL Tridion Context Client. Provides a public API to the Context Service.
SDL Tridion Sites Contextual Image Delivery Client Proxy. Provides capability resolution and authentication for the Contextual Image Delivery service.
SDL Tridion Sites Audience Manager Client.
SDL Tridion Sites Experience Optimization Client.
SDL Tridion Content Interaction Library. Client API for the Content Interaction Services.
This package contains the framework and tools needed to create a plugin that can be uploaded to the Alchemy4Tridion Web Store and consumed by the Alchemy4Tridion eXtension. Alchemy4Tridion is currently in Public Beta testing. For more information, check out the Alchemy Web Store at www.AlchemyWebS...
SDL Digital eXperience Accelerator Framework for SDL Tridion 2013 SP1
This is a sample project that can be used as either an example or as a boiler plate by installing it into your package and using/extending what you need and removing what you don't. If used as a boiler plate it would be wise to uninstall the HelloWorld NuGet package after making changes so that fut...
A DD4T based implementation of the DVM4T framework. Includes a number of basic Attributes for common field types (i.e. text, linked components, etc.) as well as full XPM Markup support.
SDL Digital eXperience Accelerator Tridion Templates