Top 20 NuGet transaction Packages

Dossier.NET enables an Entity Framework-like experience for transactional operations, for filesystem operations rather than manipulating data in a database. Create, copy, move, delete and write to files and directories and safely roll back any changes if the entire transaction does not complete su...
A Mediator.Net's middleware that to handle unit of work, it provides a CommittableTransaction for Handlers to enlist.
Automatically create and manage transactions.
Provider agnostic transaction sharing for Entity Framework Core
MySQL-specific extensions and implementations of Bogosoft.Data types.
Transaction library for Bryllite.
F# DB Access Library
Object / Document peer to peer database for the .NET framework.
Object / Document peer to peer database for Mono.
Contains some helpful Linq-to-Sql (DataContext-based) classes, which help you simplify your basic CRUD operations.
A state machine implementation that is triggered through a (proxy-)interface. This hides all state machine mechanics for the outside world, it just talks with an ordinary interface. This approach also opens the way to use ordinary classes (with interfaces) as states within the state machine. The TIM...
PIT Transaction
Application service model library
Allow controlling transactions in AWS DynamoDB operations via the Unit of Work pattern.
It is a fork of ChinhDo.Transactions.FileManager but with an option MarkAsDeleted that only add a suffix to the file for later removal (for performance)
Legal Zoom Common API Libraries for Transaction Monitoring
A transactional file manager for .netstandard