Top 20 NuGet toolkit Packages

A fast and easy way to integrate with OnePoint Global Account Toolkit on the Windows platform using the Microsoft .NET Framework
The IAM Cloud SSO Toolkit is a very handy tool for developers and IT pros, to help remove burden of integrating enterprise-grade Identity & Access Management to any Line-of-Business application. Our Toolkit allows developers and IT Pros to focus instead on their own area of expertise, knowing the IA...
Forms Community Toolkit Converters for Xamarin.Forms Built against:
Xamarin.Forms Community Toolkit: Controls Built against:
Xamarin.Forms Community Toolkit: Behaviors Built against:
ArcGIS Runtime controls and utilities for Windows desktop (WPF) apps.
ArcGIS Runtime controls and utilities for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.
Provides usefull implementations regarding network.
Provides extension methods with Windows specific functionalities like GetShortPath and IsNetworkPath
Provides additional functions that are missing from System.Math
Provides System.IO.Compression.GZipStream extension methods for System.IO.Stream, System.IO.FileInfo, byte array and System.String
Contains usefull collections and collection extensions.
A set of useful extensions, helpers and behaviors for use in Windows UWP apps.
Converters for Xamarin.Forms.
SS.EntityFrameworkCore 为 EntityFrameworkCore 扩展
ScriptUserControl is used to define complex user controls which support ASP.NET AJAX script extensions. ScriptUserControl class missing from AjaxControlToolkit since version 15.1. Adding this class back was made possible since version 18.1 - see issue #347.
Console-based user interface toolkit for .NET applications using Xamarin.Forms
This .NET standard library enables access to different data sources such as Microsoft Graph, OneDrive, Twitter, Microsoft Translator, and LinkedIn. It is part of the Windows Community Toolkit.
MSP Toolkit provides some helpers and utilites for WP7 maded by Russian Microsoft Student Partners. Includes: - TrialHelper - IsolatedStorageHelper - TileImageGenerator - HtmlTextBox - SwitchFocusOnKeyPressBehavior - TextBoxWatermarkBehavior - WebBrowserHtmlPropertyBehavior Single-byte en...
Provides a simple API for sending statistics information to a Graphite compatible Udp listener like StatsD or StatSite