Top 20 NuGet telegram Packages

SDK for Unified Notifications Platfrom API. This library will allows you to interact with Notifier Application. Creating Contact, and sending all kind of Notifications (SMS-Email-Push Notifications). Alos you could Post to facebook wall or Twitter page with one line of code, after you establish an a...
This is a unofficial Telegram client api library
An adapter for the Dotbot framework ( for Telegram. Powered by Telegram.Bot by Robin Muller.
custom nlog target for telegram
Simple ASP.NET Core 2.0 compatible ILoggerProvider implementation based on Telegram Bot API.
c# wrapper for pwrtelegram api
Telegram BOT API implementation for .NET Core. For documentation and sample see the project page.
This is a library to create MTProto Proxy for Telegram
Telegram sink for Serilog
A .Net Standard Wrapper to Manage Commands with Telegram Bot Webhooks.
Portable class library allows to serialize/deserialize objects defined in Type Language ( schemas. Supported platforms: .NET Framework 4.5 .NET for Windows Store apps .NET for Windows Phone 8 apps Portable Class Libraries
A library for interfacing with Telegram bots
A library to make creating Telegram Bots even easier!
Telegram appender for Log4net
Telegram Bot API Class Library based an by Robin Müller
Contains middlewares to support Telegram Login Widget.
Fork from The library targets .net standart 2.0 with up to date reference to latest nlog (4.5)
Makes it easier to create Telegram and Discord bots
Telegram Bot API wrapper for .NET