Top 20 NuGet table Packages

Azure Table Storage data provider for Stimulsoft products.
This package contains classes for enabling Swagger definitions and UI to the Azure Mobile Apps .NET Server SDK. For more information, check out
Azure Table Storage Provider for ASP.NET Identity 2.0 framework. Important! This package should be upgraded to the ElCamino.AspNetCore.Identity.AzureTable package. Check here for data migration information.
King.Azure.Data Class Library
Core interfaces and components for the Accidental Fish Application framework
Unity dependency resolver for the Accidental Fish application framework.
Azure Table Storage Provider to support ASPNET Core Identity
A C# Server side component for the popuplar jQuery datatables plugin suitable for core and other netstandard frameworks
Queue based logger for the AccidentalFish Application Support framework
Allows to store unsupported data types in Azure Table storage.
An Activities and related Metrics pattern for a NoSQL key-value store. A general use case for NoSQL stores is the tracking of activities and events. An out-of-band process is generally then used to generate additional metrics from the events or activities data. A simple use case is tracking th...
Copies input azure table to files
A library for creating tables.
Library for generating text-based tables for the .NET platform
Lucene implementation that intercepts the data flowing to the underlying storage
Defines an interface to abstract away dependency injectors from the framework
Powershell cmdlets for application configuration and resource creation.
Simple repository pattern for Azure Table storage
In short it enables the ability for POCO's to NOT have to inherit from TableEntity and allows for secondary indexes to be defined via a contextually managed set of partitioned keys. For a full description and the source code go to
jTable is a jQuery plugin that is used to create AJAX based CRUD tables without coding HTML or Javascript. It supports paging, sorting, master/child tables, selecting rows, resizing columns, show/hide columns and so on. Also creates create/edit forms and dialogs automatically from your model.