Top 20 NuGet tdd Packages

Custom constraints for NUnit.
Nilgiri is some sort of black tea but it was the only one that started with 'n'... I really liked the BDD Assertion Styles ( in Chai.js when I dabbled in Node. Why not bring them to .NET? Full examples can be found at
STA Extensions for the Microsoft Test Framework - MSTest V2
Testing helpers using Moq
Test helpers for Mendham.Events
Test helpers for Mendham.Domain using Moq
Test helpers for Mendham.Domain
Testing helpers with builder and ability to populate values directly in xUnit tests
Components to write tests against AspNetCore using Moq
Fixtures for writing tests using AspNetCore TestHost
Testing helpers
Chet is a simple, minimal, mocking framework for .NET Core 2.0.
A simple easily extensible data validation library with fluent API and descriptive failure messages. Supports validation of code contracts (arguments and return values) and test assertions with the same API but different exception types and messages.
Package Description
Now with .NET Standard support! The Should Assertion Library provides a set of extension methods for test assertions for AAA and BDD style tests. It provides assertions only, and as a result it is test runner agnostic. The assertions are a direct fork of the xUnit test assertions. This proje...
A collection of unit test helpers and random value generators
A set of extension methods that allow you to easily write assertions involving types from the NodaTime library.
Wrapper for multinode test runner shared libraries
An opinionated helper adding syntaxic sugar around Moq library