Top 20 NuGet stub Packages

The most powerful free mocking library available for .NET developers.
DnsClient.NET is a simple yet very powerful and high performance open source library for the .NET Framework to do DNS lookups
NMock3 is a Mocking framework that uses lambda syntax to setup expectations and test interactions between classes and interfaces.
Testing layer for Microsoft's HttpClient library
JSON and MediaTypeFormatter extensions for skwas.MockHttp.
.NET library to mock HTTP responses for HttpClient and verify request expectations with an experience inspired by Moq.
.NET library to mock HTTP responses for any HTTP client and verify request expectations with an experience inspired by Moq.
Bindings for Google's GRPC Stub package
Through the class Any, this library allows you to create all sort of base types randomly, this will help clarify your code, especially while testing. A known issue with developers struggling with test data setup, is that often the initial, explicit hard coded value or variables, can leave questions ...
Library for creating Api stubs in .NET.
A mocking framework to mock HttpClient requests.
**SystemTestingTools** (for .net core 3.1+) extends your test capabilities, providing ways to create / return stubs, allowing you to run more comprehensive / deterministic / reliable tests in your local dev machine / build tool and in non-prod environments. * supporting interception of Http (H...
Allows to run simple SMTP server stub on selected port
A library to allow faking of client http logic with System.Net.Http. Supports recording and playback of responses. Particularly useful for separating client-side unit tests from web services.
Easily create fake HTTP endpoints for integration testing
A hybrid HTTP mock library that can start both in memory server and self host server. The core facilities can make complex things possible, and the extensions can make simple things simple. Usages can be found in project test cases.
Test/mock (3rd party) code reliant on HttpClient, WebClient, HttpWebRequest and WebRequest.Create()
A small server for stubbing external systems during development.
UniMock is a auto-mocking tool that automatically mocks the entire universe and lets you concentrate on writing clean, fast, efficient tests with the minimum of overhead. It allows you to use your choice of mocking/stubbing tool and IoC container.
A simple mocking library for TypeScript