Top 20 NuGet structuremap Packages

Adds StructureMap tab to Glimpse.
StructureMap configuration helper for MediatR.
Use these extensions to build Prism applications based on StructureMap
StructureMap provider for SNAP. SNAP makes AOP easy by integrating with your favorite IoC container. SNAP does not modify compiled code (unlike PostSharp) . It uses your IoC container to create runtime-callable wrappers to intercept your method calls. Source code for SNAP is hosted at http:/...
Uses StructureMap and AutoMapper. Provides the following: - Automatic discovery and execution of application event-level tasks. - Support for Alerts in ActionResults - Controller extensions with better Json support - AutoMapper directives through Interfaces - "Smart" Default Model Metadata...
A simple, easy to use asynchronous messaging framework for .NET.
ServiceBridge implementation for StructureMap.
This library integrate ServiceBridge with MassActivation for StructureMap implementation.
Fabrik.Common.Web.StructureMap contains all the pieces you need to hook up ASP.NET MVC with StructureMap.
StructureMap based factory for Jessica, a micro web framework.
1-step automatic Structuremap configuration for AutoMapper.
The Drill.DrillBits.StructureMap package contains the Drill.DrillBits.StructureMap assembly which is used to integrate StructureMap into Drill as a DrillBit component.
A library containing the classes necessary for WCF services to be driven by StructureMap as an IoC. This is basically this article in code form.
SeekU depencency resolver built with StructureMap.
FeatureSwitch helper library to integrate with StructureMap v2.6
This handy extension allows you to define code regardless of the final IoC container, this is to allow you to use structuremap
A tiny testing library for your StructureMap container.
Thin Di Abstraction implemented with StructureMap
CodeCop Setup StructureMap container adapter