Top 20 NuGet solution Packages

MSBuild.Xrm.SourceControl provides a simple but powerful method for extracting Dynamics 365 customisations. The extension uses PowerShell scripts that can seamlessly extract customisations from a Dynamics 365 instance and then subsequently rebuild them into a zipped Solution file ready for import wh...
MSBuild-based Visual Studio solution file generator
.NET Standard library for reading .NET solution and project files.
Business Entity Execution Framework (Beef) template solution for use with 'dotnet new'.
Cake AddIn that provides useful extensions and additional aliases for Cake.Build scripts
Extensibility APIs for Open Folder and lightweight Solution load in Visual Studio.
Package that contains a tool for generating Visual Studio solution files.
Checks Dependencies in an xRM solution to the target environment
SlimSolution is an XRMToolBox Plugin that helps in building cleaner solutions to avoid larger solution size and future layering or dependency problems. For now, the abilities of this tool are limited to cleaning unmanaged solutions from managed attributes, forms or views that are added to the soluti...
Package that contains a tool for generating Visual Studio solution files.
This NuGet package contains a helper to get Salesforce Session Info which can be used to call the Solution Snapshot APIs.
SolutionInspector checks your solution and projects against a plethora of different configurable rules to keep it tidy.
Email solution Package
Nuget package for controls solution
A set of useful and widely applicable SolutionInspector rules.
This is the core JavaScript files of the Shared framework.
This is the Plugins of the Shared framework.
Parse sln files
A command line utility to set the default StartUp project of a Visual Studio solution file
Static analysis for C# solutions. Lets you see classes defined per project and classes referenced per project.