Top 20 NuGet sitefinity Packages

CTN Sitefinity Booking Widget
Core Falafel library for client-side development.
Babaganoush is an SDK for Sitefinity to allow developers to code rapidly to build Sitefinity solutions. Focus on solutions instead of troubleshooting issues or inconsistencies using our API that sits as an abstraction layer on top of Sitefinity. Babaganoush provides you the latest patterns, techniqu...
GatherContent Connector for Progress Sitefinity CMS versions 9.0.610 - 10.x Please make sure to add as a package source in order to be able to resolve the Sitefinity dependencies.
Configure your Sitefinity Project to use an external STS
This starter kit includes custom MVC widgets, examples of using the oData webservices, silient login for getting oData tokens, geo location widgets using dynamic modules (custom content type).
A Sitefinity widget that enables you to return custom HTTP statuses instead of the default 200 OK status. Useful for SEO purposese especially for error pages such as 404 or 500.
The Siteimprove CMS Plugin bridges the gap between Progress Sitefinity CMS and the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform. You are able to put your Siteimprove results to use where they are most valuable – during your content creation and editing process
GatherContent Connector for Progress Sitefinity CMS version 11. Please make sure to add as a package source in order to be able to resolve the Sitefinity dependencies.
Scriptinting framework for Sitefinity CMS
Code Explorer is an extension that brings the desktop experience of a file explorer to view and modify your Sitefinity files right on the web.
A set of extensions for Sitefinity CMS that provide developers with solutions to common problems not available out of the box.
The OpenAccess.Glimpse NuGet package provides OpenAccess ORM profiling.
A widget builder for Sitefinity CMS, compiled for version 8.1.5800.0, .NET 4.5
Plugin for adding Telerik Sitefinity Identity Provider capabilities to IdentityServer3
Entity Framework-based persistence layer for Sitefinity Relying parties on IdentityServer3
Integrate the Pinterest Pin and Follow buttons with the Sitefinity Social Share Widget by dropping these controls on the page. Works with the standalone widget as well as other modules.
Sitefinity Lightning Server is a server component required by Sitefinity Lightning application. The server must be installed in every Sitefinity web site, to which Lightning client connects.
A Sitefinity Dashboard providing a single source of monitoring and administration that includes drag and drop capabilities, leverage an elegant, robust and productive dashboard for you and your whole organization.
The Gigya Connector for Sitefinity is designed to help you implement Gigya Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) in your Sitefinity websites as quickly and easily as possible. With the Gigya extension, you can easily build and maintain secure and scalable registration, authentication, profile management,...