Top 20 NuGet settings Packages

Shiny addon for all your notification needs
The Shiny Core containing all of the major functionality like caching, logging, connectivity, environment, IO, power, settings, application state monitoring, and jobs as well as many other utilities
Settings Plugin for Xamarin and Windows provides a consistent, cross platform settings/preferences plugin. This makes it easier to create cross-platform .NET apps and have cross platform settings. Manage and use all settings from one PCL/NetStandard library and save natively on each pla...
Plug-In used to define application settings based on Microsoft Extension Configurations.
CaveSystems INI File Library. This packages contains classes for ini(tialization file) based configurations.
Class library that helps applications maintain a set of persistent settings.
Windows forms controls
Shiny Locations - bringing geofencing and GPS to a background service near you!
Shiny Reactive BluetoothLE Plugin for client and gatt server
Collection of utility functions
Shiny Beacons - for those Shiny BLE things you see everywhere
Shiny addon for all your push notification needs
Flexberry UserSettingsService package.
Shiny addon for speech recognition on mobile platforms
Shiny addon for all imaginable sensors for your devices
Shiny mocks to make your unit testing life easier
Shiny Integration - Xamarin Forms
Shiny addon for adding upload and download management to your app (with metrics!)
Shiny Integration - Microsoft AppCenter Logging
Serialize classes to/from JSON/XML/binary/your own format. The feature set is optimized for maintaining backwards compatibility of serialized files as the classes evolve, in particular when used for application settings / configuration. See RT.Serialization.Xml, RT.Serialization.Json, RT.Serializati...