Top 20 NuGet send Packages

1) Creates and saves event Log. 2) Sends email on errors.
Simple console app to send email via smtp. For use with Azure continuous deployment.
The helper for email sending.
Bindings of the Facebook Messenger Send API classes for .NET to building bots
Library to create and send email by SMTP.
Enables testing of BizTalk integrations with dynamic send ports
Helps you to send emails easily using your GMAIL account. after importing or installing the library you can use " sendEmail " function after providing it with the correct parameters to easily send your emails send Note: ( you must 'Less secure apps' in your gmail account )
c# library for Ghasedak SMS Provider
Send notifications from application
Support send email and attach file using Mailkit lib
Helpers for send message to Telgram Bot Chat
A .NET Core library for sending SMS messages via the HTTP2SMS API.
New Contact - Insert a new contact in the outlook. Get Contact - To get all the contacts from outlook. New Appointment - Add a new appointment into the Outlook. New Meeting - Send a new meeting request to others . New Notes - Add a new notes in to the Outlook. Get All Notes - To get all the notes fr...