Top 20 NuGet salesforce Packages

A .NET Core class library for accessing the Salesforce/ExactTarget Authentication service via REST API.
A .NET Core base class library for accessing the Salesforce/ExactTarget REST API.
A simple wrapper in C# for SFDX
Allows to generate c# class from salesforce object metadata. Provides api for running query, search, find against salesforce . Also allow create, update,delete salesforce objects.
SimpleSalesforceConnect is a .NET Core platform based class library that can be used to connect to Salesforce to obtain the Access Token and Instance Url to make further Rest API calls. Wrappers are added to download Salesforce logs and then upload logs to Amazon S3 bucket. Visit the project site ...
ApiAuthenticate is a .NET Core class library that is a wrapper around HttpClient and can be used to obtain authentication tokens from client such as Salesforce, Blackboard using Grant_Type ClientCredentials or Password. AWS Connection is also supported. Visit the project site to get more info on us...
The DeveloperForce.NetCore.Force NuGet provides a .NET library for interacting with Salesforce's REST APIs Compatible with ASP.Net Core.
This is salesforce package to create custom objects and custum fields using metadata. This package also contains some methods to create/update elements such as Opportunity, Account, CustomObjects__c
ASP.NET Core Salesforce WebHooks infrastructure. Contains the SalesforceWebHookAttribute class and AddSalesforceWebHooks method.
Xamarin Binding Library - Salesforce DMP iOS SDK
Xamarin Binding Library - Salesforce DMP Android SDK
API and REST API Connectors. Free for personal and commercial use. Author doesn't responsibility for rights of third party applications or packages.